The Most Effective Way to:



Using My Special NO FAIL Method of Making PHOTOSHOP Patterns.

The Most Effective Way to:


Using My Special NO FAIL Method of Making Photoshop Patterns


Doing math, calculating repeats, or having Photoshop meltdowns


You can get more patterns created and find wild new creative inspiration


You’ve never used Photoshop before or are new to pattern design (and even the idea of using Photoshop makes you quiver in a corner..) or even if you’re a pro at both Photoshop and patterns!


This class is exactly what I need it right now. How to create patterns in Photoshop was always very tedious and difficult for me to learn, and to grow as a pattern designer It was important for me to learn how to do it. Then I had the opportunity to take Sherry’s class and I was amazed how easy it is!!.

Her unique no- nonsense approach to teach Photoshop was a revelation, in an afternoon I was creating toss up patterns, I couldn’t believe it!. She teaches step by step how to use Photoshop to create patterns and the extra information and material to download is very good I found the experience very gratifying and now I’m ready to take my career as a designer to the next level.

Thank you for the opportunity. You opened a new world for me, always scared of creating patterns in Photoshop and now I’m so excited by how many things I can create 🙂

Cristina Ferrer

Designer, Mayacoa Studio


Are your Photoshop and pattern-making skills up for the challenge?


Photoshop files are very easy to change if you create your Photoshop files using my Photoshop with No Apology workflow. You can change them anytime–even years after you create them. You can always see where you started and alter any step along the way. Think of it as the “ultimate UNDO command.” However, if you follow “common wisdom” and only save flattened files–or even worse–only save the file as JPG–you’ve created a problem for yourself where none existed.

Though you can’t enlarge a Photoshop file after you create it, you can make them larger from the start than you will ever want to use them. Then you can always reduce them in size to the you need. My No Apology workflow shows you how…

You  can control the number of colors in a Photoshop file. You’ll pick a set of five colors and create your motifs from those. Though for now,  We’ll keep it easy and go for digital printing at Spoonflower with unlimited colors, I’ll talk about some ways to limit your colors.

Photoshop is fun to learn if you have an instructor who knows to take you step by step along the way and make it fun at the same time, This course will boost your confidence level a lot. if you move in baby steps, the more you learn and the easier it gets. The trick is to understand what you are doing and why (and not try to figure things out at midnight on the night before a project is due!)

Photoshop lets you scan your hand-drawn motifs or create your hand-drawn motifs directly in the program. No need to try to “make” the program trace your designs.

It’s the best program out there for adding texture to images and for keeping that hand-drawn look.

I can sincerely say that Sherry London has led me down the paths of Photoshop and pattern design for Spoonflower, like a shepherd guiding a lost sheep! Her methods of explaining technical information are concise, clear and relative to the subject matter. Prior to this course, I had only used Spoonflower one time and it was a guessing game. Now, I feel confident about designing a pattern and uploading a file for a successful print job.  Most of all, I want to share that the course is fun! Sherry is easy to talk to, and very supportive to all of her students.

Becky Hall



Two Weeks to a NO FAIL Seamless Toss Repeat Pattern in Photoshop
is a two-week (or longer if you prefer to work more slowly) online project-based course.

The project is to create a seamless toss repeat in Photoshop that consists of 5 motifs and a final pattern that can, if you wish, be printed at Spoonflower (a printer-fabric-on-demand site that ships internationally)

As you build the project, you’ll learn the practical, real-world skills in Photoshop that you can use in all of the design work.

The amazing surprise about taking this class – which I thought would teach me one thing–how to make seamless repeats–was how many other things I learnt. Within a day or so of starting the class I was incorporating things I learnt into my regular uses of Photoshop. Including using Smart Objects, tailor made palettes for specific projects and clipping masks–all useful for a variety of projects and work–not just surface design repeats. Sherry very cleverly introduces Photoshop tools and techniques that are useful across all Photoshop uses but in an very undaunting and step by step way so everything is easy to grasp. As a result of her clear instructions provided in various formats (video, notes and transcripts) to suit different types of learners and her super reassuring voice that make it feel like you are being taught by your wisest, most knowledgeable aunt(!) at the end of the two weeks not only do you end up with a seamless pattern – but many transferable skills plus a confidence boost that mastering Photoshop is do-able.


Module 0


WEEK 0: MODULE 0 Pre Work

Lesson 0-1: What to Expect (7 Minutes)

Lesson 0-2: Setting up Preferences (19 Minutes)

Lesson 0-3: Arrange Your Workspace (11 Minutes)

Module 1



WEEK 1: MODULE 1 Choosing Colors

Lesson 1: Swatches and Presets (20 minutes)

Lesson 2: Adobe Capture Mobile App (10 minutes)

Lesson 3: Spoonflower Colors (12 minutes)

Module 2



WEEK 1: MODULE 2 Designing the Motifs

Lesson 4: Motif 1 (13 Minutes)

Lesson 5: Motif 2 (14 Minutes)

Lesson 6: Motif 3 (12 Minutes)

Lesson 7: Motif 4 (13 Minutes)

Lesson 8: Motif 5 (10 Minutes)

Module 3



WEEK 2: MODULE 3 Developing the Pattern

Lesson 9: Arranging the Motifs (6 Minutes)

Lesson 10: Creating the Pattern Layers (13 Minutes)

Lesson 11: Testing the Repeat (11 Minutes)

Module 4




WEEK 2: MODULE 4 Perfecting the Pattern

Lesson 12: Pattern Aesthetics (20 Minutes)

Lesson 13: Refining the Repeat (27 Minutes)

Module 5



WEEK 2: MODULE 5 Preparing for Printing

Lesson 14: Image Resolution (10 Minutes)

Lesson 15: Color on Fabric (5 Minutes)

Lesson 16: Color Profiles and Soft Proofing (8 Minutes)

Lesson 17: Preparing your Spoonflower File (14 Minutes)


Task 1:
Choose Your Color Palette

(Click the < or > to see more)

Task 2:
Develop 5 Motifs

(Click the < or > to see more)

Task 3:
Make a Single Tile

(Click any image to enlarge and scroll through all 8 images. Then press ESC to exit scroll mode)

Task 4:
Experiment, Perfect, Repeat

(Click any image to enlarge and scroll through all nineteen images. Then press ESC to exit scroll mode)

Task 5: (Optional)
Send swatch to Spoonflower for printing

(Click any image to enlarge and scroll through all images. Then press ESC to exit scroll mode)


  • 17 DOWNLOADABLE Video Lessons so you have them on your computer for safe-keeping and review
  • A word for word transcript for each video (to help non-native English language speakers or people with hearing issues–or anyone who finds my Philadelphia accent odd!)
  • Step by Step documentation of each video with screen captures so you can follow everything
  • A summary of keystroke shortcuts and hand movements for each lesson.

  • Completely responsive–watch on any device
  • Visual Table of Contents makes it easy to see where you are in the course and what’s ahead
  • Unlimited access to the course once it starts so you can always review online
  • Ability to join in any future sessions of the guided course whenever offered at no additional cost
  • Access to any bonuses or new material added anytime after your enrollment date


Come join the Facebook group I’ve set up for this class. You can share your work, mingle with your other classmates, and build a network of friends as you learn.

Here’s what students have said:


Tammy de Zilva: I loved seeing everyone’s work as we progressed together and encouraged and helped each other in the Facebook group. 

Kara White: I most enjoyed earning a new programme and making the motifs, being part of a supportive group of fellow students, and seeing what they also have produced.

Chiara Diack: The Facebook group is brilliant, wholly supportive, but free with advice and sincere comments.




I have a template that I created in Photoshop that I sell in my Etsy shop for $10.00. It’s yours for free. You’ll have access to it before the class even starts so you can play! (It also is a super-preview of some needed Photoshop skills)

Here’s what students created with it:



Adobe Capture is a free phone and tablet app that comes with Creative Cloud membership. Available for both Android and IOS, the new addition to the program, Patterns, has become a sensation. If you’re using the latest versions of Photoshop CC (2015.2 thru CC2017), you can take a photo of an image you created or anything you see, and manipulate into repeating symmetry. Adobe uploads this to Adobe Cloud and downloads it to your Photoshop library the next time you open the library. You can drag the patterns into any image as a Pattern Fill layer. It is addictive to work with and I have a tutorial to show you how.

Here’s some of the fun that students have had with it:


BONUS FOUR: Anything Else that Catches my Eye!

I have a few other bonus tutorials already in the classroom. Part of the fun of taking a class with me is that you never know (and *I* never know in advance) what topics will come up in discussion, or what new software will catch my attention that I just NEED to tell you about.

Patterns fascinate me (surprise!) and several of the available bonuses deal with symmetry programs from the iPhone or in new versions of Photoshop.

Here’s are a few pics created from my bonus materials.



Have you tried to learn Photoshop before and failed? Or been really frustrated by all of the commands and possibilities? Or taken a class from someone who knows Photoshop but doesn’t know design–or someone who knows design but is not using the best Photoshop methods?

Trying to apply Photoshop for photographers to Photoshop for design can be challenging–even if the training is excellent.  And many designers learned Photoshop “on the job” and only know one way to do things–the way they were taught, or the fastest way to work, even it ends up being the least flexible method.

What if there were someone who

  • could simplify the design process…
  • cut though all of the mass of (mis)information on the Internet…
  • and deliver just what you need to know…

so you can create seamless patterns that are

  • easy to change, resize, and put into repeat?


I’m Sherry London of prancingpixel designs…

I’ve worked with Photoshop for all 26 years of its life, but I am not a photographer; I am a designer.

I wrote the first published description on making patterns in Photoshop back in my 1995 book “Photoshop Special Effects How-To”  I’ve written a dozen books on Photoshop, Illustrator, and Painter and spoken at a number of  conferences. I’ve written for MacUser, MacWorld, and PRE, and for over a decade, I wrote the Quick Tips column for Photoshop User magazine. I was nominated three times for the Photoshop User Hall of Fame.

In 2003, I taught a master class in digital pattern design to the designers at American Greetings.

I’ve been teaching online courses about Photoshop since 1999 and have trained well over 20,000 students.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that designers are great at creating art, but today, making the art is only one part of the equation. You need the technical software skills to support this and to prepare your files for sale or license. I can teach you those skills.


You can access the class as Light Access or Full Access self-study.


What is ‘self-study’? It means you have immediate access and can work at your own pace. That’s a good thing!!!

  • Full Access class participants will have access both to the Facebook group and to everything new. I proctor the Facebook group and will always be available for you.
  • Light Access class participants will be able to upgrade to Full Access for the current difference in price if they wish to have access to me and to the bonus materials.


Starts: Immediately after you pay and complete registration from New Kajabi

LIGHT ACCESS Enrollment: $50: Just the Basic Class!!!
  • Six Week Access to Course (from start date)
  • NO Ability to download videos 
  • You May Download Lesson Documentation
  • No Bonuses
  • No Access to Facebook Group
  • No Ability to ask me questions on Facebook 
  • You may upgrade to the COMPLETE version

FULL ACCESS Enrollment: $125
  • Unlimited Access to Course (no time limit)
  • Ability to download all videos and materials
  • All current and future ***BONUSES*** 
  • Automatic access to all new material added to class
  • Video Transcripts
  • Access to Facebook Group
  • Ability to ask me questions on Facebook or via email



Q. What software do I need for the course?

A. You must have a copy of Photoshop CS5, CS6, or a current version of CC (Creative Cloud) installed and ready-to-use.

NOTE: Photoshop Elements will NOT work for the course

If you have version of Creative Suite or Photoshop that is earlier than CS5, you can–without needing to remove your current set up–purchase a 1 year subscription to just the Photographer’s Version of CC for $10 a month US. This gives you the latest version of Photoshop and in the US, at least, should not be all that hard to afford.



Q. Can I take the course on my tablet or iPhone?

A. Yes! It is fully responsive.


Q. What if I don't like the course? Is there a money-back guarantee?

A. Yes. I will refund your cost during the first 5 days of the course. However, I do want to see your work to be sure that you at least tried to complete the first two lessons. Not having time to do the course is not a reason to get a refund… After day 5 (Friday of Week 1) I will not accept any requests for refunds.


Q. Can I share this course with my friends?

A. Only if they register and pay me for it!!! So, NO, this is only for you. Everything is downloadable but it is also copyright protected (videos, documentation, and transcripts). I have worked very hard to create this course. Please respect my work.


Q. Can I post my work for my friends to see?

A. Absolutely! I would love you to share your results in the class. You may post your work on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or wherever you want. I would love you to mention that you’re taking my course (grin) Please hashtag on Pinterest with #nofailpatterns


Q. Do I have the right to sell or license anything created in this course?

A. Absolutely! It is your work–not mine. I am showing you a technique for you to use. So long as you don’t share or sell or the course material, I hope you do make a profit from what you learn here.


Q. May I teach others what I have learnt in this class so long as I don't copy your materials?

A. Not yet. The method of designing patterns that I am teaching is very different from what is currently being done. I would like to have 18 months  without competition. After the start of 2018, you are free to teach this if you wish–again, so long as you don’t use any of my materials. I will be delighted to see how far you can take my ideas.


Q. Do I need to be a designer?

A. No. You can simply be someone who is interested in learning about Photoshop for designing repeating patterns. You will enjoy this class a lot more if you have interest in learning about pattern design (grin).


Q: Do I need to know Photoshop?

A: No. No prior experience needed…

Q. If I get stuck, do you also offer one on one sessions?

A. Yes. If you wish, I do individual sessions. I will reduce my normal prices (which are hourly) for people registered in the class to $40 for a 30 minute block of time. My usual rate is $125 an hour or $300 for three one-hour sessions.


Q. What if I have a question you didn't asnwer?

A. Please email me at sherry(at)sherrylondon(dot)com and I will be happy to answer your question as best I can.




I wanted to transition from Elements to Photoshop and that transition was as seamless as creating my first design repeat.  Your thorough explanations, willingness to answer questions, and great videos were very well thought out and just the right length to allow me to not only create my 5 motifs but to really understand.  Not only that, but you taught me things to keep in mind to create a good design.

I had never heard of smart objects and I am so impressed with how important and useful they are.  The use of masks will really help me with editing my painting scans to get improved prints. I would definitely recommend this class to help learn Photoshop and also to learn to create Repeats that can be used on fabric, wrapping paper, or wallpaper.  It was so thrilling to see my sample fabric and my fat quarter.

Barb Laskey

I signed up for Sherry London’s NO FAIL Seamless Pattern Pilot Course hoping to learn how to speed up the oftentimes frustrating job of putting my designs into repeat.  What I did not know was that I was going to get one-on-one attention from a Master Teacher of Photoshop tools!  My Photoshop skills were self-taught and limited, so a lot of critical editing tools I was paying for were not being used.  My biggest takeaway from this course is that if you are an artist who wants to take your artwork to the Marketplace, you must have good Photoshop and/or Illustrator skills so that you can work swiftly and competently.  The best way to learn those skills is to use your own artwork in a weeks-long course with a Master Photoshop Instructor who is dedicated to teaching you those skills.  That unique instructor is Sherry London.

There will be AHA! moments during the course – for me it was learning that you didn’t have to flatten an object to put it in repeat (who knew?) and to find out what Clipping Masks were and to then apply them with utter joy.  Every lesson held an AHA! moment, when a phrase I’d heard for years but didn’t understand was simply explained and demonstrated by Sherry, and then put into use with my own artwork, over and over until I completely understood how to use that tool.  Magic.  Sherry handed me my very own magic wand, and I can hardly wait to take more lessons from her on how to wave it. ~

Linda McMullan

Lula Belle Style

I was very pleased with the amount of information that was included in the class. I am a long time artist but a Photoshop beginner and have taken other tutorials, private lessons, video classes, but I have not been successful. In the past, I had a difficult time understanding the instructor or wasn’t able to put the new knowledge into use. I also felt that previous classes didn’t start at the beginning of the technical process.

I feel I accomplished so much with these sessions. Sherry’s lessons were very precise and had clear instructions that were easy to understand. The material started at the very basic steps and progressed thru the completion of the project. The class was reinforced by videos, downloadable documents, live video conferencing and a private Facebook group.

I wanted to know about repeat pattern secrets and I received that and so much more. I’m thrilled with my new skills! I have learned so much and I would recommend this class to any artist!

Cyndi Pfeiffer, Atlanta, Ga, USA

Cyndi Lou Designs

No Fail Repeats has been a fantastic course for me.  Having basically no PS skills when starting, I can now confidently produce a repeating pattern with all the skills and techniques required.  I usually design all my artwork using AI and for years have been wanting to be able to do the same in Photoshop, with this course and Sherry’s amazing help I now can. My biggest accomplishments of the course are –

  1. I can use PS without feeling scared of it.
  2. I feel confident enough now to create designs and patterns from scratch in PS.
  3. I made a complete pattern in PS that I like and which with the excellent tuition was fairly easy to achieve!!!

I would recommend this course because –

  1. It’s a fail safe way of producing a PS pattern.
  2. I have learnt other PS techniques and skills along the way.
  3. It makes PS look like a less scary programme to use and has given me the confidence to use it more.
  4. I have tried other classes but they left me confused – with this course things just clicked and I found it easy to understand and the ability to design what I wanted.
  5. Sherry is a fabulous teacher who has a wonderful wealth of PS knowledge and experience.  She is always willing to help and share.  I always felt she was by my side when I was learning which is a great comfort when embarking on learning a new skill. All our questions were also quickly dealt with and always answered in a super understandable manner.

Kara White

Kara White Design

My biggest takeaway was learning the super simple no-fail repeat pattern making process! It made so much sense and made it very simple for me to take and apply to my existing designs to create wonderful patterns. I really enjoyed Sherry’s teaching technique. She is very easy to listen to and takes care and time to explain things slowly and clearly.

I would highly recommend this class to anyone seeking to improve their knowledge in Photoshop and that is interested in surface pattern design. These skills are very necessary and will really help you expand your abilities and take your designs to a new level.I knew my way around Photoshop a bit, but by no means an expert. Besides learning the pattern technique, I also learned a ton of little things that helped to speed up my process and other little “tricks that I didn’t know before.

Christine Anderson

Christine Anderson Illustration

Taking the course ‘No fail Seamless Repeats’ has been an amazing experience for me. Having little experience in Photoshop, the course has equipped me with sure methods taught in a simplified style. Sherry has been a fabulous tutor, rich with experience and expertise. I felt she was patient and taught the course in a pace that’s perfect for me. She was prompt to respond to queries and generous with bonus tutorials. The tutorials themselves are packed with information. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the course.

Ann John

I have worked with Photoshop for 20+ years and have taken many courses in the field of pattern design over the last two years. Sherry London’s course stands out for me as a very special occasion.

I’m using Photoshop on a professional level and realized during the course how I can include new techniques in the process of creating artwork that I did not think of when following my daily routine. So the course pushed me out of my comfort zone and sat me on new tracks. Sherry’s knowledge about Photoshop is stunning. She never failed to provide practical solutions no matter with what questions we came up. She is a great person to work with because of her deep technical knowledge of the software and working process. She is a friendly and approachable person that really cares for her students and goes above and beyond to help everyone with their questions or technical problems. I’m looking forward to taking more of her classes in future.

Silvia Brandmeier


My biggest takeaway in this class has been gaining the confidence to take an idea from a basic sketch to a pattern ready repeat. I normally get it to the idea of how I want the repeat but haven’t known how to move it forward into an actual repeat. There was a great deal that I enjoyed about the course but the highlights for me were these three things:

  • I thoroughly enjoyed learning about smart objects.
  • How to build up more motifs from the original one also made my process make sense.
  • Learning how to read a repeat and how to fix it.

One of the wonderful things also was how Sherry seemed to anticipate problems and address them as we moved along the course.  I would indeed sing from the mountain tops about this course and recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about repeats.

I have intermediate experience with Photoshop. I have a set of norms that I stick to, so learning new things from the course was very refreshing and something that I need to do regularly.

Sandra Relf

Creative Decorating Ideas

Words cannot express how radically different Sherry London’s various Photoshop classes have impacted my design career. Because of her outstanding easily understood tutorials, transcripts and one on one classroom time, I am becoming the designer I always knew I could be. I have taken plenty of other classes elsewhere but always felt let down. Not so with Sherry’s. If anything I felt I underpaid as she crams so much bonus materials into all her courses. I think I am an excellent example of a slow but dedicated learner, especially so as I am 58 years young. I love her wicked sense of humor and enjoy the inside design jokes as she probably does not even realizes her students titter over. It’s wonderful that she took on the added expense and time to create the transcripts. Being hard of hearing, this is everything to me. I think maybe she saw something in me that so encouraged me not to give up regardless of my most wretched designs. I can’t wait to study all new classes and revisit the older ones. My yellow brick road of design success was paved with the delightful “Prancing Pixels,” for whom I am forever blessed.

Teresa Reynolds

Teresa Reynolds Beauty

I am already an artist/illustrator/designer who decided to do this to understand more on how to make well repeating patterns, easily.  Doing this course came just at the right time for me as I was just delving into Smart Objects a bit further.  And that was really my biggest takeaway from this course – and thanks to Sherry it all made sense!  I decided to go along totally with the different modules, which is so not what I totally design and draw.  And I was quite pleased at how the different patterns did come together to create something that I really quite like.
I would recommend this course to all that are trying to learn how to put a pattern together that repeats well.  Sherry showed us the ‘secret formula’ to make it a breeze to learn.  And her help is always not far away and no question is too silly either.  Everything worked in together brilliantly, even though a lot of the students came with different levels of knowledge and experience.

Sue Schreiber

While I was taking Sherry´s course I felt as if I were sitting by her side, in my kitchen, while she patiently taught me how to prepare a yummie recipe of cookies. I mean, the course is so well planned, and so meticulously explained, that in the end you don´t learn how to bake cookies–I mean–use the proper Photoshop tools with her splendid pattern method; you learn to love cooking! Just add a cup of tea and cheers!”

Bethania Lima

Designer, Bethania Lima Designs

The class is true to its name for a “NO FAIL REPEAT” method. I’ve watched tons to video tutorials as well as taken pattern making classes and none of them have shown this method. I am using this method to continue to create a pattern collection based on the main pattern that I had created in class. I know I will be using this method on all my pattern creations in Photoshop from now on. Adobe Illustrator has always been my choice of tools when it comes to pattern making because Photoshop is just so frustrating and overwhelming to me. Now I have another tool that I can feel comfortable using and have started combining the use of both software in my pattern designs.

The high quality of the videos and the clear concise instructions made it a joy to follow the class. The closed Facebook group added to the fun and excitement to the class as we share what we learn and our instructor Sherry was quick and generous with her help and encouragement. I have a fair amount of knowledge of Photoshop itself and maybe a little more than average in pattern design before I started the class. I find it useful to first watch the video to get a general idea about the tools that will be used and concept and then re-watch the video and follow along.

I would highly recommend this class to anyone who might be a bit turned off or discouraged using the other methods to create repeat patterns.

Myriam Kozik


I’d say my Photoshop knowledge is intermediate to advanced, but patchy. My  Pattern design experience is similar to that.

My biggest accomplishment was finding out how to do repeats without having to keep adding or subtracting blocks and moving them right or left and getting it totally wrong or making some little error which didn’t show up till the whole thing was blown up.  Doing it Sherry’s way is definitely preferable and allows me to concentrate on the creative side of repeats instead of the mathematical one!

Also, I loved getting a grip on smart objects and their capabilities and layer masks – I really want to practice the latter a lot more though.

The most enjoyable part of the course was… seeing how the repeats improved with each successive lesson and understanding what makes a good repeat.  Also being able to put together a textured background in repeat at the same time as the motifs in the foreground.  It all doesn’t feel so daunting, I feel like now if I have the bare bones of a potential pattern for a Spoonflower contest I’ll be able to put it into repeat in a pretty short time – that was what was stopping me entering them previously.

I’d recommend the class because Sherry knows Photoshop inside out but somehow manages to make it simple enough for beginners to learn without getting too technical along the way, but can answer more technical questions for advanced users.  She is extremely generous with her knowledge and is online in the Facebook group every day giving encouragement and (gentle!) constructive suggestions.

Liz Plummer

Liz Plummer


You can access the class as Light Access or Full Access self-study.


What is ‘self-study’? It means you have immediate access and can work at your own pace. That’s a good thing!!!

  • Full Access class participants will have access both to the Facebook group and to everything new. I proctor the Facebook group and will always be available for you.
  • Light Access class participants will be able to upgrade to Full Access for the current difference in price if they wish to have access to me and to the bonus materials.


Starts: Immediately after you pay and complete registration from New Kajabi

LIGHT ACCESS Enrollment: $50: Just the Basic Class!!!
  • Six Week Access to Course (from start date)
  • NO Ability to download videos 
  • You May Download Lesson Documentation
  • No Bonuses
  • No Access to Facebook Group
  • No Ability to ask me questions on Facebook 
  • You may upgrade to the COMPLETE version

FULL ACCESS Enrollment: $125
  • Unlimited Access to Course (no time limit)
  • Ability to download all videos and materials
  • All current and future ***BONUSES*** 
  • Automatic access to all new material added to class
  • Video Transcripts
  • Access to Facebook Group
  • Ability to ask me questions on Facebook or via email